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Gmund Colors Matt - Gmund Collector - including 19 Compendium Books

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Product information "Gmund Colors Matt - Gmund Collector - including 19 Compendium Books"
More than a mere swatchbook, each collection is a testament to the artistry and printability of Gmund papers. A set of standardized designs are reproduced to demonstrate a range of techniques, including offset printing, hot-foil stamping, embossing and debossing, silkscreen, letterpress, and engraving The motifs test the paper’s limits to showcase its performance capabilities across product finishes and colors.The wooden Gmund Collector is back. Crafted with a modern and stylish new design, it’s the best place to collect all your Gmund Compendium books. It offers space for up to 22 Compendium books. Gmund Collector including the following Gmund collections: Gmund 925, Gmund Action, Gmund Bauhaus Dessau, Gmund Cotton, Gmund Colors Matt, Gmund Colors Felt, Gmund Colors Transparent, Gmund Colors Metallic, Gmund Bier Papier,
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