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Gmund Cotton is the favorite paper of all letterpress printers. Versatile, sophisticated, delightfully tactile, elegant, strong and durable: Gmund Cotton is the most successful 100%-cotton paper creation. Gmund Cotton paper yields beautiful results in all embossing printing processes and adds a new soft dimension to offset printing. Truly impressive. Simply Gmund.

What is cotton paper?

In addition to wood pulp, ordinary cotton paper contains a large proportion of cotton fibers. But Gmund Cotton is made from 100% pure cotton. The material radiates naturalness and is suitable for letterpress and all other printing techniques. Cotton’s particularly long and durable fibers have been processed into paper for thousands of years. The high stability of cotton-based paper has always been appreciated by classical letterpress printers and the paper’s neutral pH value guarantees the long-lasting durability of centuries-old books.

The fibers used in the production of cotton paper are byproducts of cotton processed for the clothing industry. No additional plants need to be grown, so cotton paper is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Sustainable and pure: Gmund Cotton beautifully embodies the elegance and naturalness of cotton.

How sustainable is Gmund Cotton?

Our actions are guided by the principles of the Gmund Environmental Charter. The Gmund ECO certificate for sustainability also applies to all Gmund papers. Customers can print this logo on products made from Gmund paper, thus clearly identifying their sustainable production.

What makes Gmund Cotton so special?

Perfection made from pure cotton – gentle, pure and elegant. That’s Gmund Cotton. The strength of the natural material results in deeply embossed printed products that are uncommonly versatile and stable. Gmund Cotton is soft, durable and reliable. A matte surface gives this paper an aura of modern elegance and an irresistibly soft feel. Gmund Cotton is a paper that one always wants to have nearby to stroke with the fingertips – like a favorite cotton shirt that one never wants to take off.

The advantages of Gmund Cotton cotton paper:

• Longevity and durability make cotton paper unbeatable for archived documents. Cotton paper is also used for restoring old books.

• Letters, cards and packaging made from Gmund Cotton provide the appropriate staging for a company’s business correspondence and corporate image.

• Gmund Cotton is ideal for presenting products and brand messages in a modern and stylish way.

• Invitations for weddings and events look particularly elegant and are appealingly tactile when they are printed on Gmund Cotton.

The Gmund Cotton Compendium offers an overview of the material, the possibilities for processing and the potential applications.

In what grammages is Gmund Cotton available?

Gmund Cotton is available in the following grammages:

• 110 g/m²

• 300 g/m²

• 310 g/m²

• 450 g/m²

• 600 g/m²

• 610 g/m²

• 900 g/m²

• 910 g/m²

A very large selection of envelopes in various formats and natural, pale color tones rounds out the assortment.

How can I print on Gmund Cotton cotton paper?

Gmund Cotton is characterized by good printability in offset and screen printing. It also offers the greatest possible embossing depth for letterpress, blind embossing and hot-foil stamping. Gmund Cotton is well suited for the following printing techniques:

• Letterpress printing

• Offset printing

• Blind embossing

• Hot-foil stamping

• Screen printing

• Relief printing

• Die cutting

• Steel engraving

In the paper weight of 110 g/m2 and depending on the specification of the printer, Gmund Cotton cotton paper can also be printed by computer printers at home or in the office.

In which colors is Gmund Cotton available?

Cotton is a natural product, so the colors of Gmund Cotton are deliberately kept subtle. The palette includes natural and classic hues:

• Linen Cream is as delicate and fine as the pure white bolls of the cotton plant.

• Shiny Cream shimmers with a hint of metallic.

• New Grey tends toward a grayish hue, yet retains its warm character.

• Power Blue looks as if airy cotton has been dipped in deep blue ink.

• Gentlemen Blue has the same hue as an elegant business shirt.

What can be made from Gmund Cotton cotton paper?

Gmund Cotton feels soft and natural. Thanks to its pleasant feel, cotton paper is frequently used for:

• Brochures

• Covers

• Packaging

• Invitations

• Greeting cards

• Catalogues

• Menu cards

• Business cards

• Stationery

Gmund Cotton is also excellent for weddings, events or communicating brand messages – its potential applications are endless.