Gmund Bio Cycle

Printing information and specifications at a glance

Gmund Bio Cycle – a perfect ecological cycle. Paper is made from plant fibers and is compostable, thus providing nutrients to grow new plants. A perfect ecological cycle. Gmund Bio Cycle goes a step further. Up to 50% of this paper is made from resource-saving fibers such as wheat straw, grass, cotton and cannabis. Gmund Bio Cycle sets a statement for ecological action and provides environmentally conscious companies with conspicuous added value in design, haptics, storytelling and credibility.

Application examples
Greeting cards, business cards, brochures, folders, packaging …

Offset printing, letterpress, silk-screen printing, blind embossing, hot foil, stamping …

Gmund Eco Certificate, FSC®-certified fresh fibres and recycled, hemp, cotton cellulose.

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