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For us at Gmund Paper, sustainability and innovation are not a trend, but a conviction and a tradition. We use ecological processes, renewable raw materials and state-of-the-art technologies to produce excellent papers and paper products that are in demand all over the world. 

At our development and production site in Gmund at Lake Tegernsee, we create customised solutions for sustainable branding that offer real added value.

Everything you need to know

Our papers

At Gmund Paper, sustainable paper products for every purpose are a matter of course. We push the boundaries with alternative and sustainable fibre materials to make the paper formulation as natural as possible. Find out more about our natural collections here: 

Gmund Colors - 100% color, 100% ecology 
Gmund Hemp - 100 % European hemp fibres
Gmund Bio Cycle - 100 % bio-based 
Gmund Used - 100 % recycled from waste paper 
Gmund Heidi - 100 % post-consumer recycling
Gmund No Colour No Bleach - 0 % colour, 0 % bleaching process, 100 % ecological

From glamorous appearances to naturally wild surfaces and pure simplicity, these collections cover every need and offer a wide variety of plastic-free, ecological solutions.

Our production

In addition to our papers, our production is also sustainable. Because for us, sustainability is not just a trend, but a conviction.

Energy at Gmund Paper

We generate up to 75% of our electrical energy from our own sources, including hydropower, solar energy, and combined heat and power generation. Since 2023, all of our purchased electrical energy is sourced from sustainable hydropower sources. Our green electricity certificate confirms that we only use energy from renewable sources that meet statutory environmental standards.

Fresh water consumption greatly reduced
At Gmund Paper, we are proud to have reduced fresh water consumption in production by 70% in recent decades. Our production water undergoes treatment with a state-of-the-art ozone purification system, which does not involve the use of chemicals. As a result, it can be reused up to seven times before being sent to the sewage treatment plant.
Recycling bei Gmund Papier

We love old & new

Gmund Paper is a company that has been committed to sustainability for generations. The quality of Gmund Paper is a result of its long-standing tradition of innovation. 

The raw material cycle at Gmund Paper

Our paper is made from plants, a renewable raw material that can be recycled up to seven times, creating raw material for new paper. We constantly improve this perfect cycle in Gmund at Lake Tegernsee. We test new and innovative fibres for paper production with confidence. For example, we proudly created our unique Gmund Hemp 100%, a paper made from 100% hemp - a feat only Gmund can achieve.

Waste & recycling

Gmund Paper separates and recycles every piece of waste, focusing on pre-consumer recycling*. Production waste is consistently recycled and colour-sorted. Thanks to our internal waste minimisation programme, we have successfully reduced our total waste production by 82% over the last ten years.

*Waste materials generated during the manufacturing process or delivery of goods are recovered prior to delivery to the consumer.

Our certificates

At Gmund Paper, we take the issue of sustainability very seriously. That's why we don't just talk about it, we also want to show it officially. That is why we have had a large number of our collections certified. Here you will find a brief overview of all our certificates. You can find all the details about the certifications and the corresponding collections on this page.

Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver
Climate neutral 
FSC certificate 
Gmund Eco Certificate (on request)
Blue Angel

Frischwasserverbrauch stark gesenkt bei Gmund Papier

Nothing but plants

Our most sustainable papers in detail

Gmund Colors - Green can be this colorful

48 colors, finely coordinated, comprehensive, intense - a colored paper with a system and mix and match guarantee. Gmund Colors is the world's first color paper to be CO2-neutral and Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver. And that's not all: Gmund Colors Metallic with a metallic surface is also CO2-neutral and Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver. That's sustainability in all its colors!

Curious to find out more?
Disvocer the world of Gmund Colors

Gmund Hanf - a real game changer!

This is only available from Gmund paper: 100% European hemp becomes an ecological and creative sensation. The long fibers make the novel material firm in structure, soft to the touch and wild in its appearance. 

What makes hemp so particularly sustainable? 
Fact check: 
Hemp does not deplete the soil. 
The hemp fiber is naturally light and requires less bleaching. 
Gmund hemp is produced without colorants. 
The long hemp fibers improve the waste paper cycle and can be recycled more often. 
1 hectare of hemp produces as much paper as 4 hectares of forest. 

Our Gmund Hanf collection is also Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver and has won the German Sustainability Award 2021. 

Click here for the Gamechanger

Gmund Hanf Buchdruck Hanfpapier

Gmund Bio Cycle - a real do-gooder

Paper is made from plant fibers and is compostable, thus providing nutrients to grow new plants. A perfect ecological cycle. Gmund Bio Cycle goes one step further. Up to 50% of this paper is made from resource-saving fibers such as wheat straw, grass, cotton and cannabis. Gmund Bio Cycle sets a statement for ecological action and provides environmentally conscious companies with conspicuous added value in design, haptics, storytelling and credibility.

Let Gmund Bio Cycle inspire your senses

Gmund Used - ecological paper with a history

Gmund Used is made from 100% recycled paper. A DIP pulp (deinked pulp), which is FSC®-certified and consists of 20% packaging material from Gmund, which is collected by type, is used in the production process. In this way, discarded paper is turned into high-quality Gmund design paper. A perfect cycle through maximum fibre recycling. 
Gmund Used therefore stands for optimum quality with maximum fibre recycling. The collection convinces with new, strong colours. The Gmund Eco certificate logo also guarantees that production is resource-friendly.

A collection that combines all the requirements for the paper of the future.

Be part of the story of Gmund Used

Gmund Used 100% Recycling
Letterpress Original Heidelberg Cylinder Typenschild

Gmund Heidi - each sheet is unique

Developed for letterpress printing, the name inspired by the Heidelberg crucible and handcrafted from 100% recycled material - that's Gmund Heidi. The post-consumer raw material has already experienced a lot, so variations in colour and surface as well as inclusions varying in quantity and size are characteristic. This gives Gmund Heidi a natural character. 
Rough, elemental and genuine. Every sheet is different. Each sheet is unique. 

Tell your brand story with Gmund Heidi

Gmund No Color No Bleach - uncompromisingly honest & natural

Gmund No Colour No Bleach - paper in its purest form. Without colour as "No Color" or unbleached as "No Bleach", it is natural, honest, raw and original. The approach, 100% ecological. The perception, 100% ecological. The elemental character of the material creates space for imagination, creativity and inspiration. Each and every sheet is individual and unique. Just like what is created on it. 

Fine paper has never been so natural and original. 
See for yourself

What is...?

Our most important certificates explained

Gmund Paper makes its contribution to climate protection

We only have this one planet and CO2 knows no borders. We can only improve the climate sustainably if we reduce CO2 emissions worldwide. To achieve this goal, we must all work together.
The unavoidable CO2 emissions from Gmund Paper's production are offset 100% by recognised climate protection projects in developing countries. At the same time, we reduce our CO2 emissions here in Gmund by using 100% emission-free hydroelectric power for paper production.

Gmund Papier is FSC® certified

At Gmund Papier, we only use environmentally friendly and guaranteed sustainable raw materials to produce our paper. As an FSC® certified company (FSC-C006462), we actively contribute to the responsible use of forests. 

We also invest in the research and development of alternative plant fibres for papermaking in our own development laboratory, Greenfibra Labs. Here we research and actively implement ways to use raw materials such as hemp, cotton or straw as sustainable alternatives. 

Download FSC certificate

Les Natural and the Blue Angel

Les Natural is a sustainable recycled paperboard made from 100% recovered paper and produced at our mill Cartonnerie Jean FG in France. The waste paper is collected in the immediate vicinity of our French mill and then sorted by color to make the recycling process as efficient as possible. Certified with the Blue Angel, the German government's eco-label.

The Blue Angel guarantees that a product has a lower impact on the environment and climate, is of the same quality and usability, and meets high standards of health protection. The entire product lifecycle is taken into account, from manufacture and use to disposal and recycling. Particular attention is paid to resource-efficient production (water, energy, (recycled) materials) and the sustainable production of raw materials.

Download the Blue Angel certificate:
Blauer Engel Les Naturals Compo 1Blauer Engel Les Naturals Compo 2

Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver

From the cradle to the cradle instead of from the cradle to the grave. The world can only take so much waste, and raw materials are becoming scarce. Waste is raw material in the wrong place. With Cradle to Cradle (= C2C), material flows become cycles, waste becomes raw material for new products. 

Cradle to Cradle is a globally recognised standard for safe and sustainable quality products made for the circular economy. Healthy for the environment & successful for business. Material health, recyclability, use of renewable energy, water management and compliance with social standards are certified.

Download the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver certificate

Gmund Cradel to Cradle Certified Silver Logo

The C2C® Silver certified collections

An overview of our certified collections:

   - Gmund Classic
   - Gmund Colors Matt und Metallic
   - Gmund Cover Material (matt + metallic) & f.color
   - Gmund Creative System CS (matt)
   - Gmund Creative System BR (metallic)
   - Gmund Hanf
   - Gmund Original
   - Gmund Used (Recycling)
   - Gmund Used Metallic BR (Recycling)
   - Gmund Wood

Download the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver certificate

Rohstoffkreislauf Gmund Papier

The raw material cycle of Gmund Paper

At Gmund Papier, we were the first paper mill in the world to certify a range of colored papers to the Cradle to Cradle Certified® product standard, achieving the silver level. The entire Gmund Colors collection is more sustainable than ever thanks to its CO2 neutrality and Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver certification. 

We have even achieved Gold status in the areas of material lifecycle, energy and social standards. 

The raw materials used to make our C2C® Gmund paper are recyclable. After use, the paper can be returned to the technical cycle, for example as a recycled raw material. With the C2C® principle, we turn waste into raw material for new products.

The five pillars of Cradle to Cradle

Gmund Fullservice Verpackung Materialberatung

Material health

Gmund Paper attaches great importance to material health and only uses chemicals that are harmless to both people and the environment. This responsibility towards health and the environment is reflected in the quality and sustainability of the products.

Material re-use

Gmund Papier attaches great importance to the sustainability and reusability of materials. Materials are recycled from use to reuse and back again in a closed cycle. The focus is on avoiding waste and rubbish.

Renewable energy

Renewable energy plays a central role in Gmund Paper's production. The use of renewable energy sources reduces and eliminates the emission of climate-damaging greenhouse gases. In this way, Gmund Paper makes an active contribution to climate protection and promotes sustainable production.

Water management

Gmund Paper takes water management very seriously. For many years we have regarded water as an irreplaceable resource, and we use it responsibly by protecting it and using it efficiently. There is a good reason why we use 100% hydroelectric power.

Soziale Gerechtigkeit  bei Gmund Papier

Social justice

Social justice is at the heart of everything we do. We manage our business processes to ensure that all people and the environment involved in the production of our products are respected and treated fairly. We are proud to be a responsible company committed to social justice and sustainability.