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The Gmund Award is still a long way off, but the submission period begins on March 1st 2024.
This year's theme is Fibers at Work.

Send us your best printed product and be there when the winners of the Gmund Award are chosen at the Unfolded Festival. As usual, a jury of industry experts from the worlds of print, paper and brand will choose this year’s winners in seven categories. Products printed on Gmund paper will be judged on their processing, innovation, creativity and design.
The 200 best submissions will be displayed to admire and discuss in the festival exhibition. The handling of paper – a fibrous material in diverse colors, shapes and applications – serves as an occasion to talk about the impact of analog communication. Pure inspiration for your future projects.

We look forward to receiving numerous exciting, innovative and creative entries.
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UNFOLDED Festival 2024 

On September 19th 2024, the biggest festival for design, print and analog communication takes place again at Lake Tegernsee. This years theme is Fibers & Brands.

In an increasingly digitalized world, people long for ways to make brands and messages tangible. As an expert in natural paper made from renewable plant fibers, Gmund Paper has the mission to boost the success of companies through the use of analog communication. 

The Unfolded Festival 2024 brings together creatives, printers, brand ambassadors and speakers from business and design to shed light on analog developments. At the conference, you can expect exciting insights into bright ideas that make your communication sustainable. International specialists from the fields of design, print, brand and materials will present their work at Gut Kaltenbrunn on the shores of Lake Tegernsee.

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Gmund Hemp is now C2C certified® SILVER

As a globally recognized standard for safe and sustainable quality products produced for the circular economy, the Cradle to Cradle® Silver certification is one of our biggest achivements when it comes to a sustainable paper production. We are proud to announce that now also our Gmund Hemp paper ist Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver.

Download Gmund Colors Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver certification.

UNFOLDED Festival 2024

The largest festival for design, print and analog communication will enter its fourth round on September 19, 2024. 

With an inspiring view over Lake Tegernsee, Gmund Papier will bring brand managers, creatives, print service providers and speakers from business and design into conversation with each other for the fourth time. The Unfolded Festival 2024 presents the latest findings and offers deep insights into the sustainable world of analog communication - for the near and distant future. Renowned keynote speakers will illuminate the topic from a wide variety of angles. 
In addition to the best print objects of the Gmund Award 2024, international exhibitors from the fields of design, print, brand and materiality will present themselves and their work. 

All further information about the Unfolded Festival 2024 can be found here
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UNFOLDED Festival 2023 

With a focus on the theme "People Centric", the UNFOLDED Festival took place for the third time on May 23, 2023. The "Gut Kaltenbrunn" directly at the Tegernsee served as location. 

More than 1,000 visitors from all over the world were inspired by the lectures and the exhibition of the design and print festival. 
In addition to the 200 best print objects from the renowned Gmund Award, exhibitors from the fields of design, print, brand and materiality showed their skills in the historic stables of Gut Kaltenbrunn. The exhibition impressively documented what analog communication can look like. 

Over 15 speakers exchanged ideas in inspiring talks and discussions around the core topic "People Centric", the human being at the center of all corporate decisions, on the large stage. Among them were Dr. Jens Thiemer, Senior Vice President Customer & Brand BMW AG, Carlo Giordanetti, CEO, Swatch Art Peace Hotel and the founder and chief designer of Occhio GmbH, Axel Meise. 
They illuminated the complex core topic from a wide variety of angles and provided the guests with many new perspectives and creative input.


The Gmund Award 2023 was ceremoniously presented on 23.05.23 at Gut Kaltenbrunn on Tegernsee. In front of 600 guests, the winners received their award on stage from owner Florian Kohler. Together with the BAYERN 3 presenter Simone Faust he led entertainingly through the program. Jury members - consisting of external and internal industry experts - selected the winners in eight categories. Out of a total of 378 entries, 200 were nominated. Three finally made it to the finals and received a performance on stage. Then, amid great excitement, one jury member per category and TV journalist and presenter Cherno Jobatey announced the winner:

  • Category: Corporate / "Retterspitz"  Nova Druck Goppert GmbH
  • Category:  Business / "Exklusiv Exposé Secret Sale" Mr. Lodge GmbH
  • Category: Book / "Embrace Your Humafish Spirit designed by Joel Vannfuller" Trifolio srl
  • Category: Private / "Vocal Dots" Maria Matsuo
  • Category: Art / "Letterpress Calendar 2023" Portfolio
  • Category: Mailing / "Campari Seltz Mailing" Denis Widmann Design Studio
  • Category: Packaging / "Gift box Veuve Clicquot" Moet Hennessy
  • Category: Green Innovation / "T-Shirt paper Engelbert Strauss" print shop Zimmermann

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Sustainable recycled paperboard made from 100 % recovered paper, produced at our mill Cartonnerie Jean FG in France. Due to the combination of different recovered paper fibers, Les Naturals is characterized by the tactile rough surface of a natural cardboard and the different natural inclusions. Available in 20 colors, in 330, 430 and 600 gsm. Awarded with the Blue Angel Environmental Label. Get a sample.


As part of Gmund Paper's “packaging must be green” initiative, Gmund Paper is presenting highly sustainable paper products that are outstandingly well suited for packaging solutions – both technically and ecologically.  The new presentation tool shows the collections:  

  •  Gmund Colors – 100 % Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver  
  • Gmund Hanf – 100 % European hemp fiber  
  • Gmund Used – 100 % recycled from waste paper  
  • Gmund Bio Cycle – 100 % bio-basedt 
  • Gmund No Color No Bleach – 0 % bleaching process in the No Bleach variety  
  • Les Naturals – 100 % recycled from waste paper  

From glamorous appearances through naturally wild surfaces to pure simplicity, these diverse collections meet every packaging need and offer plastic-free, eco-friendly solutions.  


This year again, the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco, from October 3rd - 5th, 2022, opened its doors for Luxe Pack 2022 - it is the "premier show for creative packaging" for international brands and designers from all over the world. Gmund Paper's goal: "Packaging must be green!" was, among other things, the central theme of the trade show appearance. The green highlights of Gmund Paper were shown. Also presented was the new collection: Les Naturals. A sustainable recycled paperboard made from 100% recovered paper.


The German Sustainability Award was presented for the fourteenth time on Friday evening, March, 12th, 2021, in Düsseldorf. Prizes were awarded for innovative ideas and outstanding achievements in sustainability in the fields of business, research and municipalities.
Gmund Paper won the German Sustainability Award’s “Special Packaging” prize for its hemp paper as an alternative solution for packaging. Hemp offers a number of ecological advantages: its fibers are more resistant, the plants can be harvested and the paper can be recycled more frequently, and the plants can be cultivated without the use of toxic pesticides.
The special award for particularly innovative and sustainable packaging ideas was presented for the third time by the German Sustainability Award Foundation in cooperation with REWE Group.
Photo credit: Frank Fendler

Gmund Papier  Nachhaltigkeitspreis


Cradle to Cradle Certified® is a globally recognized standard for safe and sustainable quality products produced for the circular economy. "Cradle to cradle" means the infinite circulation of raw materials in cycles. The goal is to minimize the environmental impact of manufacturing and product lifecycles while leaving a positive footprint.
These Gmund collections have received the coveted C2C certificate: 

  • Gmund Colors Matt  
  • Gmund Colors Felt  
  • Gmund Colors Metallic  
  • Gmund Used  
  • Gmund Creative System  Gmund Cover 

In addition, the grades f.color, f.color metallic and f.color eco, which we produce exclusively for the Schabert company here in Gmund, are certified.

Here you can find all our certificates: 
Colored papers and boards by Gmund Paper
f.color® cover papers produced by Gmund for Gebr. Schabert GmbH & Co.KG


From 31.08. to 01.09. the Édition Spéciale of Luxe Pack took place in Paris - a trade fair dedicated entirely to the theme of "greener packaging solutions". Gmund Paper was also present with its new collection Gmund Hanf, which perfectly reflected the theme of the fair with up to 100% European cannabis pulp. The Carreau du Temple brought together the leading companies in the packaging industry to share the latest innovations.
It was that time again in the Principality of Monaco, where Luxe Pack opened its doors at the Grimaldi Forum from Sept. 27-29. It is the "premier show for creative packaging" for international brands and designers from all over the world.
Gmund Paper stands for a very sustainable production overall and presented the latest papers and material innovations from the creative lab. The demand for ecological solutions continues unabated. The focus of the trade fair presentation was therefore on the two collections Gmund Hanf, with a paper made from 100% cannabis pulp, and Gmund Used, which is made from 100% recovered paper.
Prince Albert II of Monaco also came to the Gmund Paper booth to see the latest collections and applications for himself.


Only Gmund Paper can do it: 100% European hemp becomes a sensationally ecological and creative paper. The long fibers of cannabis, which are a challenge for paper production, make this innovative paper both strong in structure and wonderfully soft to the touch. The paper’s surface is wild and cloudy – pure nature.
The collection also includes Gmund Hanf 50%, which contains recycled paper fibers, and Gmund Hanf 10%, which is made from pure pulp. Gmund Hanf is produced entirely without dyes.
There are further advantages for the paper production:

  • Hemp grows four meters a year. 
  • Hemp is harvested three times a year, plantation trees every seven years. 
  • One hectare of hemp yields as much paper as four hectares of forest. 
  • Hemp does not deplete the soil; new plants are planted immediately after harvesting. 
  • Hemp plants are particularly pest resistant, so less pesticide is needed. 
  • Hemp doesn’t give weeds a chance, so less herbicide is needed. 
  • Hemp fibers are naturally light in color, so less bleach is needed. 
  • Hemp fibers have higher tensile, tear and wet strength than conventional cellulose fibers. 
  • The fibers of hemp pulp are five times longer than the fibers of wood pulp. 
  • Hemp fibers improve the wastepaper cycle and can be recycled especially often.

Click here for more information about Gmund Hanf – a real game changer. You want to get directly to the collection? This way.


Nomen est Omen: the Gmund Alles Tool revolutionises the analogue paper search. It offers pure paper and information. It focuses on colour, surface and specification. Consistently sorted from light to dark – once through the colour world of Gmund. The characteristics of the papers shown could not be more different: White and smooth. Gold and glossy. Red and velvety. Neon and shrill. Grey and rough. Brown and woody, to black and recycled. All new: The paper collections Gmund Hanf, Gmund Used and Lakepaper Extra (new)! The Gmund Alles Tool is the comprehensive collection of the current Gmund collections in a handy book. For an effective and fast paper search. A tool for paper professionals.


Two new surfaces, new grammages and a wider selection of sheet sizes now make the portfolio even more user-friendly. Ideal as a complete solution for companies, start-ups and agencies, this optimized version of Lakepaper Extra can now be used not only for business stationery, but also as a material for corporate design and packaging.  The two new grades are Lakepaper Extra White diamond and Lakepaper Extra White pure protect: the former is a subtle design for portrait and landscape formats; the latter has a smooth, glossy surface for maximum aesthetics with the greatest possible protection for longer product lifecycles.
Both surfaces are ideal for consumer packaging, for use as covers and also for cards of all kinds.  Weights from 90g/m2 to 350 g/m2 offer the best solution and the correct fiber direction for every use. The robust 300 g/m2 and 350 g/m2 weights are also highly tear-resistant.  

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An ecological paper with a history: as Gmund Used is made from 100 % used paper. DIP (deinked pulp) is utilized in the production of Gmund Used, thus transforming discarded paper into high-quality Gmund design paper. The cycle is perfect thanks to maximum fiber reclamation. Combining vibrant new colors and high strength, the Gmund Used collection unites all the requirements for the paper of the future. 

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BOOM – Sustainability brochure

The Gmund Bio Cycle collection enables true organic communication for an eco-friendly brand message with sustainable impact. What does this look like? Together with the design agency (Munich) and the printing company Eberl Print (Immenstadt), a cooperation of sustainability was created, resulting in the BOOM brochure.

It combines all Bio-Cycle papers in one project: the paper "Chlorophyll - Leafy Green" is convincing as a cover with complex binding requirements, and for the remaining papers, the lightweights were chosen, which are perfectly suited for the inside pages.

A statement for ecological action with striking added value in design, haptics, storytelling and credibility.

You can find more information about Gmund Bio Cycle here.


...relies on the Gmund Full Service team.

STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! makes biodegradable natural cosmetics with the mission to protect, save and donate water. The Gmund retail service was able to fully deliver with its service promise of "everything from a single source". In addition, the two companies share the same ecological values. 

The "Gmund Colors Matt 49" paper in combination with an innovative barrier was used for banderoles of the new "Waterless Products" (soaps). The new banderoles meet all specifications: sealable, guaranteed greaseproof, plastic-free, and compostable. Other joint projects followed, such as an Advent calendar, a Christmas kit (made from Lakepaper Extra Matt), folding boxes for a cosmetics line and a tester kit (made from Gmund Colors Matt 49).

Curious now? Click here for the Gmund Full Service.


The use of Gmund paper is active environmental protection.

Customers can directly testify to their environmental friendliness on their printed products and on their homepage with the Eco Certificates logo. Only products that display the Eco Certificate logo guarantee that all four areas of the Gmund Environmental Charter are taken into account.

The Gmund Eco Certificate Logo can be requested free of charge from Regina Hilgenrainer, [email protected] .

By the way: Gmund has been FSC® certified since July 2006 (FSC-C006462). The certificate is valid for Gmund and Lakepaper. You can download the Gmund FSC® certificate here.

You can find out more about Gmund's ecological actions here.


Together with Wigston Paper, Gmund Paper toured through England. Starting in Newcastle, the tour went via Manchester to London. Along for the ride: Gmund Bio Cycle. Paper lovers from all over England met to get an insight into the innovation of Gmund Paper and to inform themselves about the latest trends.

In addition to visuals and haptics, the topic of sustainability has also become indispensable, and here Gmund Paper offers the highest standard. Gmund Bio Cycle goes one step further, making a statement for ecological action and offering environmentally conscious companies a clear added value in design, story and credibility. It is made from up to 50% of the resource-saving fibres wheat straw, grass, cotton and cannabis.

Experience Gmund! Click here for the events.


Paper in its purest state. „No Color“ or „No Bleach“ make no secret of their natural, authentic, raw and primal qualities. The elemental character of the material offers space for imagination, creativity and inspiration. No two sheets are alike, each one is individual and unique. Just like what will be created from it.

You can find more information about the No Color No Bleach collection here.


"Made in Fukushima" is a book made of rice straw from the decontaminated fields in Fukushima. The rice straw was harvested, dried, cleaned, cut, and then made into paper in Gmund am Tegernsee. The book tells the story of the region, the disaster and decontamination, the farmers and their products through photography, interviews, and features. In this project, paper supports the documentation of what happened in a truly unique way.

Idea and production: Serviceplan Solutions, printing: Druckerei Vogl.

THE summit for the design and communications industry

The festival connects creatives, designers as well as print and media specialists in one place: the Gmund Campus. At UNFOLDED, the focus is on meeting and exchanging ideas with creative people from all over the world. It is about learning, being amazed and, of course, having fun together.

Top-class speakers will discuss current topics and offer guests new perspectives and creative input. A panel discussion and various mini workshops complete the program.

This total package makes the UNFOLDED Festival a get-together for creatives, designers, marketers, and paper enthusiasts from all over the world.


How is a greeting card made? Why does the packaging of my new herbal tea feel so natural? How does color get into paper and how is the fabulous golden sheen of the Oscar envelopes created?

You will get these and other exciting insights into the production of paper during a tour of the Gmund Paper production facilities.

The process from raw material to acclaimed Gmund paper.

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