Production. Design. Prototyping.

Whether packaging, business stationery or book production, Gmund Paper's production agency develops your tailor-made solution. With decades of material expertise, we advise you from the very first idea. From individual paper consulting to technical product development and design coordination to the finished product – you get everything from a single source. This is how we ensure the best possible result for your brand communication and sales success.

Services of Gmund Fullservice: 

1. Consultation, conception and design

2. Material recommendation and paper selection

3. Technical product development, prototype construction

4. Data creation and production monitoring

5. Holistic quality responsibility

6. Logistics management

Gmund Fullservice Projekt Kilian Schön Chocolates Verpackung

Why should you entrust your printing project to Gmund Fullservice?  

- We are professionals in paper and printing - and have been since 1829.

- We know all the printing techniques and processing tricks because we have been intensively involved in these topics for over 190 years.

- We know the TOP printers and converters in Europe as well as their possibilities and limitations.

- Design is our raison d'être because our paper is design in itself.

- We advise customers worldwide from the automotive, fashion, design, hotel and other well-known industries.

- We find the paper that perfectly matches your brand and its message, because nobody knows paper like we do and: We understand brands.

- We are familiar with the handling, logistics and storage of paper products.

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Everything from a single source:

From raw material to finished product, one fixed contact person. 

This means you avoid time-consuming coordination with different service providers. Gmund Fullservice, the production agency for sustainable printed matter, is there for you.

Gmund Fullservice Team

We look forward to hearing from you! Contact us at any time and without obligation: 

Phone: +49 8022 7500-0 
Email address: [email protected] 

Mangfallstraße 5
83703 Gmund am Tegernsee

Let yourself be inspired by project examples from Gmund Fullservice:

Fullservice Gmund Projekt Geschäftsausstattung Linda Meyer Hentschel
Fullservice Gmund Projekt Buchausstattung Moia
Fullservice Gmund Projekt Stop the water while using me
Fullservice Gmund Projekt Käthe Wohlfahrt Verpackung
Fullservice Gmund Projekt Jod und Schwefelbad

Good to know:   

1. In the beginning... is the idea for something very special: appropriate to the purpose and quality of the product you want to sell. This is followed by creative brainstorming, the practical concept for implementation and finally the design phase up to the eventual production of the final product. You want to know which steps such a customized product has to go through? 

2. At Gmund Paper you will find the ideal paper collections for packaging. Why? Because we first take a close look at your product's USPs, and then – according to its needs - give it the exact presentation frame it requires. Stain resistant? Rough feel? Plant fibers? Or should it really "pop"? We have already pre-filtered for you. 

3. The ideal all-rounder for business stationery with maximum opacity can be found in our Lakepaper collection – amazing, the incomparable opacity of Lakepaper Blocker.


4. Or can it be a little more colorful for more unconventional purposes? 

5. The finishing of papers is also one of Gmund's core competencies. The Gmund Fullservice always finds a solution for the optimal paper finishing together with you.

6. Our paper is design enough in itself: metallic surfaces, ribbed, noble leather structures or an impression of wood, linen or cotton ... choose according to the specific needs that the presentation of your product requires.

7. You think: You simply can't do without haptics? We think so too. In our perfectly sorted sample store, you can order samples and small quantities of all Gmund paper collections as well as sample books and brochures for your printed matter. Then you can have your printed matter designed with far more confidence - naturally by the full-service production agency at Gmund Papier.

8. You would like to hold our paper in your hand and know how it feels? We understand that well. In our perfectly sorted sample shop, you can order samples and small quantities of all Gmund paper collections as well as sample books and brochures for your printed matter. Then you can have your printed matter designed with far more decision-making confidence - by your Gmund Fullservice production agency, of course.