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Nomen est Omen: the Gmund Alles Tool revolutionises the analogue paper search. It offers pure paper and information. It focuses on colour, surface and specification. Consistently sorted from light to dark – once through the colour world of Gmund.

The characteristics of the papers shown could not be more different: White and smooth. Gold and glossy. Red and velvety. Neon and shrill. Grey and rough. Brown and woody, to black and recycled. All new: The paper collections Gmund Hanf, Gmund Used and Lakepaper Extra (new)!

The Gmund Alles Tool is the comprehensive collection of the current Gmund collections in a handy book. For an effective and fast paper search. A tool for paper professionals.

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Zwei neue Oberflächen, neue Grammaturen und eine Erweiterung der Bogenformate machen das Portfolio nun noch anwendungsfreundlicher. Ideal als Komplettlösung für Unternehmen, Start-Ups und Agenturen, die Lakepaper Extra in dieser optimierten Variante neben ihrer Geschäftsausstattung jetzt auch als Material für das Corporate Design und für Verpackungen einsetzen können. Mit den gewohnt ausgezeichneten Druckeigenschaften.
Die neuen Qualitäten bieten mit Lakepaper Extra White diamond ein dezentes Design für Hoch- und Querformate und mit Lakepaper Extra White pure protect eine geschmeidige, glänzende Oberfläche für höchste Ästhetik mit größtmöglichem Schutz für längerfristige Produktlebenszyklen. Beide Oberflächen eignen sich hervorragend für Consumer Packaging und Coveranwendungen, aber auch für Karten aller Art.
Die Flächengewichte von 90 g/m² - 350 g/m² bieten die jeweils beste Lösung in der richtigen Laufrichtung. 300 g/m² und 350 g/m² zeichnen sich zudem durch eine besonders hohe Reißfestigkeit aus.
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An ecological paper with a history: as Gmund Used is made from 100 % used paper. DIP (deinked pulp) is utilized in the production of Gmund Used, thus transforming discarded paper into high-quality Gmund design paper. The cycle is perfect thanks to maximum fiber reclamation. Combining vibrant new colors and high strength, the Gmund Used collection unites all the requirements for the paper of the future.

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BOOM – Sustainability brochure

The Gmund Bio Cycle collection enables true organic communication for an eco-friendly brand message with sustainable impact. What does this look like? Together with the design agency (Munich) and the printing company Eberl Print (Immenstadt), a cooperation of sustainability was created, resulting in the BOOM brochure.

It combines all Bio-Cycle papers in one project: the paper "Chlorophyll - Leafy Green" is convincing as a cover with complex binding requirements, and for the remaining papers, the lightweights were chosen, which are perfectly suited for the inside pages.

A statement for ecological action with striking added value in design, haptics, storytelling and credibility.

You can find more information about Gmund Bio Cycle here.


...relies on the Gmund full service team.  

STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! makes biodegradable natural cosmetics with the mission to protect, save and donate water. The Gmund retail service was able to fully deliver with its service promise of "everything from a single source". In addition, the two companies share the same ecological values. 

The "Gmund Colors Matt 49" paper in combination with an innovative barrier was used for banderoles of the new "Waterless Products" (soaps). The new banderoles meet all specifications: sealable, guaranteed greaseproof, plastic-free, and compostable. Other joint projects followed, such as an Advent calendar, a Christmas kit (made from Lakepaper Extra Matt), folding boxes for a cosmetics line and a tester kit (made from Gmund Colors Matt 49).

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The use of Gmund paper is active environmental protection.

Customers can directly testify to their environmental friendliness on their printed products and on their homepage with the Eco Certificates logo. Only products that display the Eco Certificate logo guarantee that all four areas of the Gmund Environmental Charter are taken into account.

The Gmund Eco Certificate Logo can be requested free of charge from Maximilian Huber, [email protected]

By the way: Gmund has been FSC® certified since July 2006 (FSC-C006462). The certificate is valid for Gmund and Lakepaper. You can download the Gmund FSC® certificate here.

You can find out more about Gmund's ecological actions here.


Together with Wigston Paper, Gmund Paper toured through England. Starting in Newcastle, the tour went via Manchester to London. Along for the ride: Gmund Bio Cycle. Paper lovers from all over England met to get an insight into the innovation of Gmund Paper and to inform themselves about the latest trends.

In addition to visuals and haptics, the topic of sustainability has also become indispensable, and here Gmund Paper offers the highest standard. Gmund Bio Cycle goes one step further, making a statement for ecological action and offering environmentally conscious companies a clear added value in design, story and credibility. It is made from up to 50% of the resource-saving fibres wheat straw, grass, cotton and cannabis.

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Paper in its purest state. „No Color“ or „No Bleach“ make no secret of their natural, authentic, raw and primal qualities. The elemental character of the material offers space for imagination, creativity and inspiration. No two sheets are alike, each one is individual and unique. Just like what will be created from it.

You can find more information about the No Color No Bleach collection here.


"Made in Fukushima" is a book made of rice straw from the decontaminated fields in Fukushima. The rice straw was harvested, dried, cleaned, cut, and then made into paper in Gmund am Tegernsee. The book tells the story of the region, the disaster and decontamination, the farmers and their products through photography, interviews, and features. In this project, paper supports the documentation of what happened in a truly unique way.

Idea and production: Serviceplan Solutions, printing: Druckerei Vogl.


THE summit for the design and communications industry

The festival connects creatives, designers as well as print and media specialists in one place: the Gmund Campus. At UNFOLDED, the focus is on meeting and exchanging ideas with creative people from all over the world. It is about learning, being amazed and, of course, having fun together.

Top-class speakers will discuss current topics and offer guests new perspectives and creative input. A panel discussion and various mini workshops complete the program.

This total package makes the UNFOLDED Festival a get-together for creatives, designers, marketers, and paper enthusiasts from all over the world.

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How is a greeting card made? Why does the packaging of my new herbal tea feel so natural? How does color get into paper and how is the fabulous golden sheen of the Oscar envelopes created?

You will get these and other exciting insights into the production of paper during a tour of the Gmund Paper production facilities.

The process from raw material to acclaimed Gmund paper.

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