Gmund Colors is CO2 neutral and Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver 
as the world's first colored paper range.

Proof sustainability

Gmund wants to prove sustainability instead of just advertising colorfulness and thus offer real added value - ecologically, economically and also socially. As the world's first specialist for fine papers, we have opted for two concrete and effective long-term measures.

Gmund Colors - ecology meets color

Maximum visual impact.
Thanks to its outstanding color and quality. 

Minimum ecological footprint.
Through CO2 neutrality and Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver certification make the entire collection more sustainable than ever.

Gmund Colors is climate neutral

We only have this one earth. CO2 knows no national borders. The climate can only be improved sustainably if CO2 emissions are reduced worldwide. Investing in climate protection projects in developing countries is an important part of this

What does climate neutral mean?

Unavoidable CO2 emissions during the production of Gmund Colors are 100% compensated by climate protection projects. At the same time, we are reducing our CO2 emissions here in Gmund. That is why we rely on 100% emission-free electricity from hydropower in paper production. Up to 75% of this is produced by our own plants and the remaining demand is purchased from other certified hydropower plants in the Alpine region. In addition, depending on the workload, electrical energy from combined heat and power (steam generation) and our photovoltaic systems is also used.

Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver

A globally recognized standard for safe and sustainable quality products manufactured for the circular economy. Healthy for the environment & successful for business. Certified for material health, recyclability, use of renewable energy, water management and compliance with social standards.

From cradle to cradle instead of from the cradle to the grave

The world can only take so much waste. Raw materials are becoming scarce. Waste is a raw material in the wrong place.  With C2C, material flows become cycles, waste becomes raw material for new products.

Gmund Cradel to Cradle Certified Silver Logo
Rohstoffkreislauf Gmund Papier

The raw material cycle of Gmund Paper


Gmund Colors - this is how green colored paper can be. Our colored fine paper is CO2 neutral and Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver. Available in 48 colors with system.

Gmund Colors

Green can be this colorful: Gmund Colors offers high-quality colored papers that are produced CO2-neutral and C2C certified. Maximum visual impact. Minimal ecological footprint.

Gmund Colors goes Green

Gmund Colors is green. As green as colored fine paper can get. Gmund Colors is CO2 neutral and C2C certified - making it more ecologically sustainable than ever before. For almost 200 years, we at Tegernsee have been striving to produce the best Gmund paper. This also means the best for nature and the environment.
Gmund Colors sets new standards. This collection makes full use of all technical resources while conserving natural resources better than ever before. High-quality colored papers with outstanding color and quality.
Sustainability has always been part of our identity and history:

  • All pallets in Gmund are made of wood and are produced locally in Upper Bavaria.
  • The wood for the paper industry grows on certified plantations.
  • Eucalyptus grows fast, comes from Europe and provides the very finest fibers for Gmund Colors.
Gmund produces according to the standards of the Gmund Environmental Charter. Decreasing water consumption, sustainable pulps, a large part of the electricity from renewable resources, waste separation and recycling are a matter of course in paper production.

What does CO2-neutral mean?

Many talk about it, Gmund does it: Gmund Colors is produced CO2 or climate neutral. In the production of paper, the release of CO2 cannot be completely avoided. However, we deal responsibly with the CO2 emissions caused in the production of Gmund Colors:

  • We measure very precisely the amount of CO2 generated during paper production.
  • We work continuously to avoid and reduce CO2 emissions.
  • We offset our CO2 emissions by supporting climate protection projects.
In doing so, we only support climate protection projects that meet several of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The climate protection impact of each of the projects is regularly measured, audited and certified according to international standards and strict rules.

What does C2C certified mean?

Gmund Colors paper is C2C Certified® Silver. C2C means "Cradle to Cradle" and literally translated means "from cradle to cradle". This refers to the infinite circulation of raw materials in cycles, which the Gmund Colors fine paper passes through during recycling:

  • No waste is produced, but the waste of an old product becomes the "food" of a new one.
  • All raw materials used in the production of Gmund Colors paper are recyclable.
  • After consumption, the paper can be returned to the technical cycle, for example as a recycling raw material.
Cradle to Cradle Certified thus goes one step further: instead of "just" wanting to minimize the ecological footprint, Cradle to Cradle Certified strives for positive goals - both for the environment and for the company.

Gmund Colors System

Gmund Colors is not just colorful, but colored paper with a system. The Gmund Colors color system comprises 48 colors. Analyses have shown that laymen and professionals alike can distinguish between this many colors. These 48 colors are in turn divided into eight rows of six shades each. This grid helps to identify, orient, select and combine the respective colors.
The Gmund Colors papers are available in grammages from 100 to 400 g/m², in various formats and almost 200 different envelopes.

What are the advantages of Gmund Colors paper?

Gmund Colors is the best colored paper we have ever produced. Then as now, we dye Gmund Colors papers directly through the mass and not on the surface. Other advantages:

  • After-sale guarantee: other manufacturers simply remove their colors from the product line. Gmund gives a 10-year after-sale guarantee on the Gmund Colors Matt range. This allows our customers to plan for the long term.
  • Worldwide availability: The 48 Gmund Colors colors can already be ordered in 28 countries on three continents. The network of reliable Gmund Colors retail partners continues to grow.
  • Mix & Match Guarantee: Each of the 48 colors has been designed to combine with the other 47 colors in coherence. Every combination is guaranteed to look good, and of course across color groups.

Which Gmund Colors collections are available?

Gmund Colors are available with different surfaces: Gmund Colors Matt, Gmund Colors Felt, Gmund Colors Metallic and Gmund Colors Transparent in the color white.
Four different paper types with the same color character open up new combination possibilities for exciting color and surface games.

Which printing techniques is Gmund Colors suitable for?

Gmund Colors is the most modern paper from Gmund and is suitable for all common printing techniques: offset printing, letterpress, screen printing, blind embossing, hot foil stamping, paper engraving, die cutting and digital printing.

What can I use Gmund Colors paper for?

The uses of Colors paper are as versatile as the colors. Gmund Colors is suitable for any use in daily life, for example business cards, catalogs, wedding invitations, greeting cards, Christmas cards, letters, packaging, business reports, environmental reports, menu cards and boxes of chocolates.
High quality colored papers from Gmund Colors always leave a lasting impression.