Gmund Colors - green can be this colorful - CO2 neutral and Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver

Gmund Sample Shop

The Gmund Sample Shop includes all papers from Gmund’s collections, as well as sample books and brochures. For people who are still looking for the right Gmund paper for their project or can’t make up their mind, individual paper samples are available here in DIN A4 format or as large sheets, as well as sample envelopes. Each paper collection has a matching sample book: the Gmund Compendium. The innovative and forward-looking Gmund Compendiums focus on the paper and printing technology of the respective collection. The Compendiums serve as representative guides to design and printing on fine paper. The Gmund Alles Tool is a comprehensive compilation of all current Gmund paper collections in a convenient and comprehensible sample book. This useful tool for ambitious paper professionals facilitates a fast and efficient search for the perfect paper.