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The condolence card from Gmund Papier

When there is a bereavement among acquaintances, friends or colleagues, each of us feels the need to express our condolences. We want to express our sympathy and get in touch with the relatives of the deceased. But how do you find the right words when you don't really know what to say? The good news is that it doesn't take many words - just by choosing a beautiful, stylish condolence card, you can express your deepest sympathy.

"I appreciate the Gmund condolence cards because you are different from those available on the market."
Verena Wieser, Bürohaus Ernst Schmid GmbH & Co.KG

Say the right thing solely with the right condolence card

A dandelion with your seeds blowing away as a symbol of the end of life and at the same time a reminder that with every end comes a new beginning. Such a sensitive motif says more than a thousand words. And connects us with the bereaved in deep sympathy and compassion. If you have such beautiful motifs, you don't need any more words - because the condolence card then speaks for itself.

Gmund condolence cards are designed with such carefully selected motifs. Thanks to small, limited editions, your expression of sympathy will not fail to have its effect on the next of kin as a unique sign of sympathy.

Be prepared for important life events

When someone in your immediate or extended circle of acquaintances has died, it's nice to be prepared and be among the first to express your sympathy. It doesn't take a lot of words to do that. With a stylish condolence card, you've already made a statement of sympathy and will stand out among all the conventional condolence cards.

 With a small stock of condolence cards you are well prepared and in the future you will not waste time looking for a suitable card. No more frantic searching and no more worrying about finding the right motif. And: with a stock you will send cards much more often, e.g. also in case of a death in a distant circle of acquaintances. Even if in the past, consciously or unconsciously, you have refrained from doing so due to lack of time, availability or inspiration.

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Condolence cards that touch emotionally and are a pleasure to touch

Gmund condolence cards stand out among all the expressions of sympathy. With imaginative details, high-quality feel and sensitive motifs, anyone can make a statement of deep sympathy. The card alone expresses your appreciation, it needs nothing more than that.

The condolence card on refined natural paper in high-quality printing technique

Condolence cards from Gmund are made in high-quality natural paper and refined with fine printing techniques. Paper, printing and design are 100% locally produced in Bavaria - Made in Gmund am Tegernsee.
Natural papers made from 100% cotton fibers create noble surfaces and are ideal for blind embossing. A recessed leaf with its palpable leaf veins or a haptic lettering of "Sincere condolence" - a three-dimensional image is created in front of the eye of the beholder which wants to be touched and at the same time deeply touches.

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What our customers say about condolence cards from Gmund Papier

„"The condolence cards are high quality, stylishly kept and very elegant.“
Sabrina Gassner, Tegernsee Arkaden GmbH

„I appreciate the Gmund condolence cards because you are different from those that exist on the market. Not only in the paper, but also in the motifs you offer a special quality and we realize that especially on such an occasion a high-quality impression is a form of appreciation“
Verena Wieser, Bürohaus Ernst Schmid GmbH & Co.KG

„The special feature of the Gmund condolence card is the combination of simple design/colors and at the same time noble, high-quality processing through embossing/colors. In addition, the words of mourning used convey honest compassion. Thus cards are created, with which the Sender*in takes himself back and at the same time expresses real sympathy.“
Katja Kohdadad, Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus GmbH, Berlin

„The Gmund condolence card collection convinces with the very stylish choice of motifs in combination with a special, sustainably produced paper.“
D. Sandel, Bäckerei Mitterer Heilbronn

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Affectionate paper products from Gmund Stationary

Since 1829, we have been passionately producing natural paper at our site in Gmund am Tegernsee. By tradition, with the highest precision, an understanding of quality and as a modern high-tech company. 

For 12 years now, external visitors have had the opportunity to experience production at first hand as part of the popular factory tours. An understanding of paper as a product, enthusiasm for the variety of colors and amazement at the different surfaces mean that many visitors want to take a piece of paper home as a souvenir. This desire is taken into account with the Gmund Papeterie Collection, which is also sold at the factory site in the Gmund Papiershop. Initially in small editions from paper overproduction, paper products were lovingly manufactured more than 20 years ago. The range is constantly being expanded and especially the greeting card assortment enjoys great popularity with customers worldwide. 

The sensitive topic of "condolence cards" has also been played with for decades and it has been shown that Gmund has the necessary sensitivity for this special occasion, both in terms of material selection and design. Enthusiastic customers confirm that Gmund condolence cards convey tangible emotion and convey great appreciation through their tactile experience alone.

Receive a 20% discount on the purchase of five uniform condolence cards.

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