Gmund Used - Recycled Paper


Gmund Used is an ecological paper with a history. It’s made from 100% recycled paper, up to 20% of which is packaging waste generated on site in Gmund. Vibrant colors and high strength make Gmund’s recycled paper very impressive. Wastepaper becomes design – and we’re proud of that transformation.

How environmentally friendly is recycled paper?

Recycled paper has many advantages. It protects the environment and saves valuable resources. It does not require new wood. Its production consumes less water and less energy. And recycled paper has shorter transport distances.

Our company is committed to sustainability. That’s why Gmund Used is made from 100% recycled paper:

  • 80% comes from high-quality FSC®-certified recycled pulp.
  • 20% consists of packaging waste generated on site in Gmund, collected and sorted by type, and fed into our paper production.

We also use our own packaging waste as raw material for Gmund Used papers. We recycle the fibers from our packaging waste directly on site without the need for external recycling processes or transport. Gmund Used combines the twin advantages of maximum fiber utilization and optimum quality.

Compared to producing paper from virgin fibers, the production of recycled paper saves precious resources:

  • 40% less water
  • 50% less energy
  • 60% less CO2
  • 100% less trees

The Gmund Used collection thus meets all the requirements for the paper of the future. 

How does paper recycling work?

  • First, the wastepaper is collected, sorted and shredded.
  • Large screens and magnets then filter out staples and plastic residues.
  • After it has been freed from foreign matter, the paper is mixed with water, which dissolves it into its constituent fibers.
  • The next step is the deinking process, which removes the ink from the dissolved paper.
  • Deinking is followed by bleaching the pulp.
  • Finally, the fibers are dried and compressed into pulp sheets.

This is how a new high-quality Gmund design paper is created from used and discarded paper – it’s a perfect cycle.

However, the recycling process is not a closed cycle that can be repeated indefinitely. A fresh paper fiber can be reused no more than seven times, so the recycling cycle must be regularly supplied with paper containing fresh fibers.

Why is recycled paper not white?

Pure white paper can only be produced by strong chemical bleaching. The chemicals required for this pollute the environment and are therefore used as little as possible during production. Nevertheless, recycled paper does not always have to be gray and drab.

The papers in the Gmund Used collection are aesthetically appealing thanks to their ten vibrant colors, their machine-smooth surfaces and their intentionally powdery character. Nine colors have been completely redeveloped. Recycled paper is now even available in pink. We deliberately avoid the classic classifications for the names of the colors. Our papers are not really brown, not a familiar shade of purple and not somewhere between dark gray and forest green. They’re simply new – and always natural.

Can I use recycled paper in a computer printer?

In principle, any printer can use recycled paper. The technical specifications of your printer determine the choice of the paper’s thickness. The majority of conventional printers function well with grammages between 80 and 120 g/m². Our natural white Gmund Used 0 in DIN A4 format with a weight of 120 g/m2 is perfect for printers. It also combines well colored envelopes from the Gmund Colors collection to create attractive eye-catchers for your correspondence.

With a weight of 300 g/m² in 70 x 100 cm SB, Gmund Used is suitable for:

  • Offset printing
  • Letterpress
  • Screen printing
  • Blind embossing
  • Hot-foil stamping
  • Die cutting

Other grammages and formats, as well as special colors, can be ordered in lots starting at three tons.

What can be made from recycled paper?

Recycled paper is highly versatile. It’s equally suitable as virgin fiber paper for most applications. Gmund Used is recycled paper with unusually high strength, so it is particularly well suited for:

  • Packaging
  • Folded boxes
  • Hangtags
  • Brochures
  • Folders
  • Mailings
  • Covers
  • Cards

The innovative colors in the Gmund Used collection offer many modern, fresh uses for sustainably produced printed products. They are totally different – and far more attractive – than the drab gray letters we all get from the tax office. Gmund Used recycled paper meets all the requirements for the paper of the future.

Discover the Gmund Used collection here or order your samples in different sizes right here in the sample shop.